Introducing the Queerly Faithful Blog!


What might it look like for queerly faithful folks to take up the pen and speak about the world tumbling out around us? 

What would we write about? scripture? shame? love? forgiveness? redemption? isolation? community? loneliness? intimacy? sex? self-love? friendship? ritual? family? drag? mental health? body positivity? sacrament? romance? heartbreak? 

How would we write? In poetry? prose? through image or song? in theatre? in stagnated stanzas? in books? and teachings? In new words? and unfinished sentences

To whom would we write? to our mothers? our children? to grandfathers that never new us? and lovers who thought they did? to pastors and leaders? DJ’s? and waiters? to selves we were and selves we may become? to strangers? and friends?

The answer is yes

And no

These lists are incomplete. They are neither inclusive nor exhaustive. They speak of potentialities and limit with their naming. The paths that we have walked, are walking, will walk require bushwhacking and heavy boots and satchels heavy with gratitude for those who’ve marked the way, and grief for those who never made it this far. 

The Queerly Faithful Project began as a quiet declaration of the value of my own story - and as I wandered here and there whispering this vision into the silences between greetings and goodbyes, to my surprise, it grew into a communal liturgy marked by poetry, story, embodiment and creation. 

We told and honoured our stories with a mutuality that gave birth to new selves and stories. We discovered knowledge hidden between us and spoke it out through laughter and creation. I gathered these creations, added my own aesthetic flair and the Queerly Faithful Zine was born. A collaborative collection following a liturgical cadence that explored our experiences of belonging and identity in faith communities through poetry. 

But these stories are yet unfolding, and this blog is meant to be a place for them to be shared and heard. The Queerly Faithful Zine was centred around one focused theme to the exclusion of so many other aspects of what it means to be queerly faithful. I envision a collaborative hub of poetry & prose, story & reflection, art & image — all emerging from the lives of LGBTQ+ people of faith. I am, once again, attempting a quiet declaration, hoping it will resonate with your soul. 

Our stories - our voices - are valuable. Will you help to make this declaration a chorus?

If you would like to contribute a poem, story, blog, art piece, etc. to this blog - contact me!**


Eric Van Giessen

Eric (he/him) is the Editor of the Queerly Faithful Project. Learn more about Eric here.


**My hope, down the road, is to offer honorariums to contributors to help support and foster creativity amongst LGBTQ+ people of faith and support the artists already at work. Once the site begins to see some traffic, a Patreon page will be available where you can help make this hope a reality! Stay tuned. For now - purchase a Queerly Faithful Zine through our shop!