If you’ve had a great experience with a community group or organization that does work at the intersection of spirituality/faith, sexuality & gender - let me know!

Community Groups & Organizations

  • Generous Space Ministries (International, based in Canada) - Discipling Christ-followers to work together to eliminate fear, division, and hostility at the intersection of faith, gender, and sexuality. Connecting LGBTQ+ people with vibrant faith community.

  • Q Christian Fellowship (USA) - “Q Christian Fellowship prophetically models a world where all LGBTQ+ people are fully loved by family, church, and community, and Christians worldwide live up to their calling to be instruments of grace and defenders of the outcasts.”

  • Reformation Project (USA) - “The Reformation Project is a Bible-based, Christian grassroots organization that works to promote inclusion of LGBTQ people by reforming church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. We envision a global church that fully affirms LGBTQ people.”

  • Queer Theology - Queer Theology provides a supportive community and in-depth resources for queer Christians and straight supporters.

Activists & Public Figures

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Notable books and articles in the area of faith, gender & sexuality.

Notable books & articles in ‘queering’ research: