Queerly Faithful Zine (Hardcopy)

Queerly Faithful Zine (Hardcopy)


The poetry collection that inaugurated the Queerly Faithful project! This collection boasts poetry by five queerly faithful poets who contributed 30 poems. The zine was carefully curated and printed in full colour with vibrant collage and artwork.

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The Queerly Faithful Zine is the fruit of a community autoethnographic research project (fostering relationships and producing shareable knowledge through collaborative self-study and storytelling) under the same title. The poems in the zine offer a glimpse into the lived experiences of five queer Christians. Our hope and prayer is that you might resonate with our stories, recognize parts of your own, and empathize with experiences that might be alien to you. We offer our fleshy spirituality as evidence of the possible integration and synergy of Christian and queer identities. We experience Jesus’ welcome to the Table precisely as queer disciples: we invite you to listen to the prayers he has taught us and receive our stories as gifts to his Church.