Below you will find all 27 photo spreads* of the original Queerly Faithful Zine!

What is a zine you might be wondering?

“Zines are a medium where people can share ideas without the censorship of the dominant culture. They are a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) sort of publication, where they are primarily created and distributed by hand… Zines are a revolutionary tool utilized to combat oppression and bring to light social injustices in an artistic, creative, critical, genuine and uncensored way to promote equality, social justice and social change” (Desyllas & Sinclair 2014: 299)**

*Accessibility note: I have not found a good way to include the text version of the poems in this web format - a document with text versions of the poems can be found here.

**Desyllas, M. C., & Sinclair, A. (2014). Zine-making as a pedagogical tool for transformative learning in social work education. Social Work Education, 33(3), 296–316.