Steph Chandler-Burns

Steph Chandler-Burns (Artistic Consultant)

is a bisexual-identified Mennonite who is currently entering her second year of study of a Masters of Theological Studies in Waterloo. When not studying or fighting inequality, Steph can be found playing board games with her partner, sleeping, or hanging out with her two cats.

Christopher Ong

Christopher Ong

is a 24 year old, gay, cis-gender male. He was raised in the Associated Gospel Church but is currently in the middle of a transition. He holds a traditional sexual ethic in regards to homosexuality and is attempting to remain celibate in response. He is open to the idea that he may be wrong and his perspective is open to change in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and camping.

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Eric Van Giessen

Eric Van Giessen (Editor)

is a learner, writer, artist, justice seeker, and community builder. He identifies as queer and grew up the son of a Christian Reformed Church planter. Glimpsing the unique beauty in others brings him life, as does hiking, singing, reading and playing with ideas.

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Robbie Walker

Robbie Walker

is gay and disabled, and accepts whatever pronouns you use for yourself. He’s a not-so-closeted Trekker, Gleek, and Pentaholic; it’s also easy to get his attention by recommending a book that’s changed your life.

Maxx Wolting

Maxx Wolting

is an outgoing, fun-loving trans man who enjoys a quiet night in with his fiancee. Maxx spends his days as a nurse taking care of the elderly. He grew up mostly in the Christian Reformed Church, but attended the Salvation Army from time to time as well. Maxx has always had a passion for writing, and is excited to be able to share his work with you. 

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Artistic Contributors:

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